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Clean 50 min timer counting downwards, 5 sec pre-count with beeps and then an alarm after 50 min plus 60 sec overtime. If you rather have this timer counting upwards use this instead:

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I own all rights to both the video and audio files used in all my uploads, and every video is manually self-made from scratch using programs for which I have licenses. Credit and thanks for help creating two CC0 clips for my audio files goes to: TobiasCovers ( & ryanconway (

If you wish to use my video as a Picture-in-Picture complement in your own video, then start by sending me a private message explaining how you want to use it and what kind of video content it is. Most often it will be okay as long as you ask first and then follow a few simple conditions. However neither video nor sound from this copyrighted work may be used without my approval, doing so will be reported without warning.

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